Pop Culture 13 Mar - 20 Mar 95 Video Cadets

Lost In America

Albert Brooks portrays a middle-aged fart who, after being trapped in the same small town all his life, decides to cash in his life savings on a Winnebago, tell his boss to fuck off, and hit the road with his honey--spewing his semi-toxic diesel fumes on the young shits on motorcycles all the ride long. The film charts the couple's progress as they hit every single tourist trap, roadside attraction, and greasy spoon/truck stop all the way to Vegas. It's not until there that everything turns to poop, eventually forcing Brooks to apologize to his boss. Replete with references to Easy Rider and rippling with tongue-in-cheek humor, the story is a depressing commentary on middle class America that's hilarious to watch because it ain't happening to you. Enjoy!

Shy People

Much like The Beverly Hillbillies, but even better, Shy People is a powerful account of the collision between the affluent world of the big city and the backwaters world of loose toothed coon hunters. Jill Clayburgh plays Diane Sullivan, a New York journalist who, in search of a scoop, seeks out her estranged cousins who live mired in the Mississippi Bayou. She and her limp-wristed daughter are greeted with suspicion by the widowed cousin and her freakshow children, but eventually settle in long enough to learn of the brutal hardships faced by a family divorced from civilization and arm wrestling against the destructive hand of nature. The film exhumes some deep ethical questions about the place of morality in the face of necessity, and the acting is potato-chip crisp all the way through--especially in the relationship of the two cousins, who are as disparate as candy and castor oil.

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