by Matt Scholz

Much like Cher, Golden Palomino percussionist Anton Fier has been bedfellow to all the big name stars. Unlike Cher, it's not his curvaceous body or New York Italian feminismo that got him where he is, but his sheer musicianship.

Fier has recorded with everyone who is someone. His discography boasts as many titillating entries as Bob Packwood's diaries, and includes recordings with Yoko Ono, Pere Ubu, Gil Scott Heron, Herbie Hancock, Michael Stipe, Bob Mould, Syd Straw, et cetera, et cetera. He's most well known, though, as the man behind The Golden Palominos.

The Golden Palominos is really a rare artist collective that comprises Fier and his high-profile friends. They're currently touring on their most recent release, Pure, which is an hypnotic and moody album that features the hyper-talented Lori Carson on vocals and Fier on skins. Though we are sure that Anton was quite nervous being interviewed by such a megalithic and epochal publication as MELVIN, we think he did a fine job. Click here to begin the interview, or here to read the Listening Party review of Lori Carson's new album.