While psychological studies maintain than the majority of individuals consider love more vital than intercourse, a higher-than-ever divorce rate and the popular success of Model's Inc. leads MELVIN to suspect everyone of lying on their personality profiles. We asked 331 participants which was more important, love or sex, then gauged their honesty by asking them to list synonyms for both.

Which is more important, love or sex?

Percentage of Respondants answering "Love" who knew more synonyms for "Sex" than for "Love:

Percentage responding "Love" who knew TWO TIMES as many synonyms for "Sex" than for "Love":

THREE times:

FOUR times:

FIVE times:

Percentage of Respondants answering "Love" who listed "sex," "intercourse" or "fucking" as synonyms for love:

Number of respondants who also lied on their Reader Poll Sweepstakes applications:

Percentage of respondants judged by Melvin staffers to be lonely, unstable and quite possibly dangerous:

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