Ray Liotta, Robert De Nero, and lil' Joe Pesci enliven this classic, fast-paced account of mobster Henry Hill's lifetime pursuit of power. Their romantic reign doesn't stop until the 'fellas overstep their bounds and plunge deep into the laughhap world of illegal narcotics. At the end of the movie, the fuzz busts them, leaving the world of organized crime impotent and Henry Hill in a witness protection program. Intense trash-talking and glittery portrayals of the good life do what only a spirited mob flick can do: mesmerize the hell out of an audience. Scorsese captures the energetic chemistry between the New York Italian actors and showcases his cinematic genius by maintaining heart-stopping adrenaline levels throughout.


Showcasing spectacular lasers, deft roller-skating footage, and the polished performance savvy of Olivia Newton-John, Xanadu may be the mysterious missing link that connects 70's and 80's cinema. In the thick of her Grease-induced mega-stardom, Olivia Newton-John stars with Gene Kelly and some guy with feathered hair as a roller-skating muse who descends Mount Olympus to inspire an undiscovered artist and a washed-up musician to open a night club. Though cartoonishly fanciful, Xanadu is a vastly entertaining and trippy reminder of a series of musical, fashion, and make-up fads everyone should pray to forget. Ending with a collage of elaborate Olivia Newton-John song and dance numbers, Xanadu will quickly endear you to the progress made in the entertainment industry and make you long for recreational drugs.