If you think that comic books pander uncreatively to the power fantasies of computer dweebs like you, you're right--with a few exceptions. Soon to realize its fourteenth issue, Eightball is one such exception. Inked and scripted by Chicago-bred Dan Clowes, Eightball is a creative cry from the margins of what is, for the most partt, a stale comics industry. Clowes is best known for his addictive series Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron, a compilation extracted from Eightball that disturbs as it amuses with its surreal caricatures and bizarre plot twists. But Eightball is replete with other imaginative stories, including such titles as Lloyd Llewellyn and the Dan Pussey/Dr. Infinity story, all of which are definitely worth the read.

Clowes's latest serial creation, Ghost World, cap an impressive and evolving body of work. Displaying a breadth of talent perhaps unrivaled in comics, Ghost World offers the same compelling artwork and twisted, uniquw characters as his previous work.

Last and least, you'll soon see Clowes's distinctive faces stamped all over a new OK Cola ad campaign if you haven't already seen the host of album covers he's designed (The Supersuckers, for example). Dan spared us generous amounts of his time for a tour of the industry, a discussion of his art, and a little autobiographical info (which is true inspriation for all slackers). I found him to be affable, intelligent, and above all, full of artistic integrity. So without further ado . . .

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