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=============================================== Date: Wed, 22 Mar 95 18:32 CST To: Subject: GeekMail You guys are obviously nothing more than a group of adolescent, regressive and infantile pottybrains who take much joy in being able to use profane language and coarse references in a public forum such as the Web while at the same time insulting and abusing your sheep-like audience. So, keep it up already. signed, An adolescent, regressive and infantile pottybrain. P.S. Go fuck yourselves. =============================================== Date: Mon, 6 Mar 95 15:45 CST To: Subject: GeekMail I just got done reading about you Web publishing service. Are you serious about this? Those prices seem extremely high. A company could hire some CS undergrad flunky who would be more than happy to do it (and probably do it better than those NCSA weenies. I've had to interview them for jobs. Do they only hire people who know how to asskiss rather than people who actually have skills? Sheesh.) for $8/hour. Either that or you are paying WAAAAAAY too much for your T1 connection. ================================================= Date: Sat, 25 Mar 95 13:43 CST To: Subject: GeekMail Ugggghghh Ohhhh... uggghhhhhh... Uuhhhhhhhh... I got gas. Ugghhhh... bad gas! Somebody get me some GasX, quick. Ughhhhhh. I gotta fart, bad. Ughhhh. Unnnnhhhh. ===============================================

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