Louis Staffilino had been saving his pennies since he was five years old when he turned in his stash for cash at the local Dillonvale, Ohio, bank. After hauling the pennies to the bank in 40 garbage cans over a four day period, the 70-year-old bar owner found out he had saved 8 million of them, or $80,000.

Would-be philanthropist Richard Solkin, 23, wanted to help Devon Fuentes, 7, paralyzed by a traffic accident, by setting up a fund for the boy in Millville, N.J. Authorities claim he helped himself out as well, taking a cut of more than $13,000. Fuentes, upon learning of the embezzlement, said, "I want to run over him with my wheelchair."


A man was arrested for drunk driving his lawn mower in Norway. He was originally fined $795 and sentenced to 24 days in prison, but the court later let him off as his speed (6 mph) was deemed too low to cause any harm.

After standing like a mannequin in the front window of a carpet store, Lonnie Davidson, 40, was arrested in Twin Falls, Idaho. He was naked from the waist down.

Margaret Masters of Akron, Ohio, filed a $13 million lawsuit against Sam Wanna Hair Design. The woman claimed that the salon glued her eyes shut, but the case was dismissed.

Other News

Beaumont, Texas has a problem with its young people: syphilis. With a rate four times the normal 49 cases for every 100,000 people, 664 people have been diagnosed so far this year. While health officials speculate on the reasons for the epidemic, including one explanation stating there is little to do in Beaumont other than have sex.

While witnesses say "Andy" was only playing, the 700 pound polar bear that attacked him was obviously not interested in games. Andy, a psychiatric patient, jumped into the polar bear pit at the Buffalo Zoo and the bear clawed him across the chest.