Pop Culture 13 Mar - 20 Mar 95


News Too Strange to Make Up

============================================================================ Health Care

In what may be the most blatant case of medical malpractice in this century, Willie King, of Tampa, Fla., mistakenly had his left foot amputated while the other foot continues to ravage his body with poor circulation, tissue deterioration and gangrene. According to King's brother, King still needs the operation on his right foot.

After obtaining information from her mother's desk at the University Medical Center in Jacksonville, Fla., Tammy Lynn Esckilsen, 13, called up a few former emergency room patients. Telling patients they had tested positive for HIV, Esckilsen's prank caused one 16-year-old victim to become so distraught she tried to kill herself with her father's gun. Esckilsen is being held in custody.

Texas state senators in Austin are voting on a bill sure to put a damper on repeat offenders. The bill allows prisoners with multiple convictions of molesting children the option of voluntary surgical castration.

Michael Martin, a veteran and resident of Jackson, Miss., received a penile implant from the local veteran's hospital at taxpayer's expense. The trouble is that Martin's a convicted child molester. Rep. G.V. "Sonny" Montgomery, Miss., is calling for tighter Department of Veteran's Affairs Regulations.

============================================================================ Classroom News

Carter Loar, 17, a senior at Park View High School in Sterling, Vir., was only trying to get a girl's attention in one of his classes when he incurred the wrath of school officials by swishing mouthwash between his teeth. On a strict policy forbidding any liquid containing alcohol, Loar was suspended and ordered to spend three days in an Alcoholics Anonymous-type program.

Three Nutley High School students, in Newark, N.J., took a few too many liberties with their $7500 a week gambling ring. In order to collect on a $500 bet, the trio kidnapped a 14-year-old and issued threats. The three are being held in police custody.

Charged with stealing school funds, Stuart Possner, principal of P.S. 100 on Coney Island, N.Y., had his students learn about various scams through active participation, including requiring students to view wrestling movies at $2 a student. All total, Possner pocketed $76,000.

In Arden, N.C., two ninth-grade boys staged a demolition derby and wrecked nine school buses, causing $25,000 in damages. The boys used six school buses to ram three they couldn't start and had planned on using one of the buses to leave the state.

============================================================================ Overseas News

Tokyo Shock Boys, a Japanese comedy troupe, is getting a lot of attention for their bizarre comedy routines. Nambu Torata chuckles as he gets groin burns from firecrackers going off in his underpants. Sango Jyogo chortles as he glues his face to various objects, then loses skin trying to take the object off. Giyuzo can't laugh because of the live scorpion in his mouth, which periodically stings him and makes him lose teeth. Danna Koyanagi walks down the aisles drinking milk through his nose and squirting it at audience members through his eyes.

The mayor of Izmir, Turkey, isn't too keen on Senator Bob Dole, accusing him of being anti-Turkish and blaming him for the lack of American aid to his Turkish town. Accordingly, he's banned sales of Dole bananas in his country. Mayor Burhanettin Ozfatura claims Dole owns the company.

============================================================================ Other News

After being yelled at for screwing up the family videotape collection and spilling some spaghetti, 14-year-old Peter Kerry decided he couldn't take his London, England family anymore and ran away from home--6800 miles to Johore Baharu in southern Malaysia. Kerry financed his escapade by using his father's credit cards and passport, making it that much easier for British and Malaysian authorities to find him. Kerry has previously run away to Scotland and Paris, and if pushed, his parents expect him to run away again.

Gisele Savage, 34, and Eugene Roberts, 42, got married and spent their honeymoon in jail, violating a court order that they stay apart. The two have previous convictions of assault on their significant other.

Greg Flowers, noting the 15,000 caribou wandering the streets and backyards of the 550 person town of Hopedale, Labrador in Canada, said, "You can kill them when you want to--it's like going to the supermarket."