Bored Games

Described below are 20 favorite games of the Sixties, Seventies, and Eighties. Enter the title of each in the form below, then celebrate with a marathon session of take-no-prisoners Monopoly. Answers will appear after you complete the quiz and submit the form.

Note: Spelling counts, capitalization doesn't.

Pop Simpleton:

1) Using all seven letters results in 50 point bonus:

2) Move all four pieces home while avoiding the "apology" card:

3) Move double purple diamonds towards a confectionery home:

4) Left foot, red circle:

5) Unsteady hand on the tweezers provokes a worse case of nerves than your patient:

Couch Potato:

6) Cage opponents with aid of amusing Rube Goldberg machine:

7) C5, D5, E5--BOOM!:

8) Game of climbing and sliding teaches children the fickle nature of life:

9) Guess combination of red, yellow, white, black and blue pegs in fifteen tries or fewer:

10) Test short-term memory by repeating pattern of flashing lights and sounds:


11) Divine the winner by positions of pink swine dice:

12) Card game of ethical and moral questions sparks couch-clearing family brawls:

13) Popular variation on Charades inspired rip-off game show hosted by Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson:

14) Get married, have kids, invest money and pilot a pink sedan into a comfortable suburban bankruptcy:

15) Assemble a fanciful plastic parasite from individual segments, antennae and legs:

Celebrity Stalker:

16) Brightly-colored plastic 'River Horses' devour meals of tiny white spheres:

17) Spring-loaded hands flip tiddlywinks into revolving head:

18) Memorization game set on mock battlefield-watch out for the bomb!:

19) Use small hammers to tap white plastic cubes from underneath doomed figurine:

20) Boring board game saved by inclusion of dice in a bubble:

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