A cursory glance might lead you to think Fearless is just another plane crash flick, the kind where writers' only challenge is to invent new ways of saying "We're going down!" or "We gotta get outta here!" But sing praise to Allah, it oversteps that pile. Sure, Jeff Bridges has his obligatory heroic action sequence as he pulls twenty fellow passengers from a burning fuselage, but Fearless really puts a hook through your gill by focusing on Bridges' difficulty in coping with the crash. Bridges struggles to understand why he lived when so many other poor sods--his business partner, a baby boy--met with fiery deaths. In turn, Bridges' anguished wife, Isabella Rossellini wonders why her once loving husband abruptly withdraws from her and their son. Is it the Sanka, or is it the memory of his seemingly endless, hellish free fall?

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