Dolores Claiborne

Castle Rock

This much touted release actually lives up to its hype by surpassing all previous

Stephen King movies in every way except scariness. In fact, King's first real drama

will make you feel like you just had your emotional nuts wrenched in Freud's shop.

The plot, despite relying heavily on flashbacks, is surprisingly smooth and

believable, with a subtle but decisive ending. Decent supporting performances from

Jennifer Jason Leigh and Christopher Plummer enhance Kathy Bates's portrayal of

the title character, which is exceptional in spite of her unsettling resemblance to

Joe Don Baker in Cape Fear. In a lot of ways, this movie is everything The Prince of

Tides was not, and unless you're looking for Cujo Rides Again, you're sure to

ceremoniously pin your ticket stub to your bedroom bulletin board after the show.

Amazing Movie Chain: Kathy Bates--Shadows and Fog--Woody Allen--Hannah and

Her Sisters--Carrie Fisher--STAR WARS--Obi Wan Kenobi

The Last Seduction


Linda Fiorentino plays Bridget, a coveted black widow of a woman, who teases her

mate into seduction and annihilates his life in the process. Her cocky husband

orchestrates a drug deal that will make the two financially secure for life, but then

makes the big mistake of slapping her at one point for being such an unmitigated

bitch. Bridget takes revenge by grabbing the money, and her husband reacts by

wanting to kill her in the most sadistic way possible. Along the way, she entices a

young, indescribably naive moron to do her and do her husband in. Packed to the

hilt with old-fashioned matrimonial bitterness and caustic black humor, The Last

Seduction will leave filmgoers sore for days, but in a good way.

Amazing Movie Chain: Linda Fiorentino--AFTER HOURS--Cheech Marin--UP IN SMOKE--Tom Skerrit--ALIEN--Sigourney Weaver--HANOVER STREET--Harrison Ford--STAR WARS--Obi Wan Kenobi

Muriel's Wedding

Through its quirky trailers, this Austrailian "feel good" flick billed itself as off-beat

enough to entice legions across this sweet land of liberty to shell out seven clams to

revel in its fun. Apparently, though, the Austrailian definition of "off-beat comedy"

includes suicide, adultery, self-loathing, and a healthy dose of cancer. Whew! That

sure is wacky! This movie, which maps out Muriel's (Toni Collette) struggles to

come of age, teeters on the border between ridiculously humorous and just plain

ridiculous. What more can you expect from a bunch of criminals than fat chicks in

spandex and more ABBA than a roller-skating party?

Amazing Movie Chain: Some chick who looked exactly like Juliette Lewis--WHAT"S EATING GILBERT GRAPE--Johnny Depp--DON JUAN DEMARCO--Marlon Brando--APOCALYPSE NOW--Harrison Ford--STAR WARS--Obi Wan Kenobi

Tank Girl

Tank Girl is a flaccid attempt to make a cult movie. Evidently, its producers had too short notice to come up with the creative direction of the film, so they leaned on "freaky" animation sequences and the type of silly costume design that would have resulted had The Road Warrior been produced by MTV. Pathetic dialogue, limp villians, and a plotline as believable as a pregnant nun all make this one a money-waster.

Amazing Movie Chain: Malcom McDowell--BLUE THUNDER--Roy Scheider--THE FRENCH CONNECTION--Gene Hackman--THE CONVERSATION--Harrison Ford--STAR WARS--Obi Wan Kenobi

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