Con. Law

Judging by the plethora of polls crowding newpapers and other news broadcasts, Americans have an opinion on just about everything. The question remains, however--do any of these bozos actually know what they're talking about? MELVIN asked 271 Internet users for their opinions on several timely political issues. In each case, they were invited to respond with a "Yes," "No" or "No Opinion." Hidden among the legitimate queries was a question asking participants whether or not Congress should repeal a mythical "29th" Amendment. Out of a perverse sense of curiosity, we followed up by soliciting opinions on the legal implications of our faux-amendment.

Percentage of Reader Poll respondents admitting to having "no idea" what is contained in the "29th Amendment" that still offered their opinion on its repeal:


Percentage of respondents responding with an incorrect answer that offered their opinion:


Percentage of participants aware that there are only 26 Amendments who nevertheless offered an opinion on the repeal of the 29th:


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