Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

From Playboy to the Bare Facts, America has long had a love affair with celebrity skin. Listed below are twenty groups of films starring a well-known actor or actress. The first movie showcases the celebrity in a recent or popular role; the second showcases the same celebrity in all their glory.

Note: Spelling counts, capitalization doesn't.

Pop Simpleton:

1) Mary Poppins, S.O.B.

2) Howard the Duck, Jacob's Ladder

3) Star Trek: Generations, The Wicked Lady

4) Bugsy, The Grifters

5) Freejack, Running out of Luck

Couch Potato:

6) Queen's Logic, Love Letters

7) Knight Rider, Revenge of the Cheerleaders

8) Wonder Woman, Bobby Jo and the Outlaw

9) Kuffs, The Name of the Rose

10) All in the Family, Five Easy Pieces


11) Pulp Fiction, Haunted Summer

12) Rebel Without a Cause, Tracks

13) Melrose Place, Staying Together

14) Pumping Iron, Red Heat

15) Singles, Pyrates

Celebrity Stalker:

16) Over the Top, a Party at Kitty and the Stud's

17) JFK, Friday the 13th

18) Star Trek 4, Porky's

19) Nightmare on Elm Street, Private Resort

20) Ghandi, A Night Full of Rain

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