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Outbreak is the tender story of a hapless monkey who is shipped from Africa on a cargo vessel. Through the course of the film, the monkey meets many friends, including a man who saves her from animal testing and a little girl who names her Betsy and feeds her apples in the forest. At the end of the film, Betsy is shot by a random military officer who needs her blood for a vaccine. There is also some story about a killer virus, but it was too stupid to pay attention to.

Amazing Movie Chain: Monkey--Raiders of the Lost Ark--Harrison Ford--STAR WARS--Obi Wan Kenobi

Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle

(Fine Line Features)

Jennifer Jason Leigh's increasing prominence in film thankfully counterbalances the unconscionable success of Julia "goody-two-shoes" Roberts. And while Roberts continues her steady descent into panoramic ilk, Leigh continues playing the kind of complex, tattered characters you'd like to suck a few down with, this time playing the embittered poet Dorothy Parker. Her tight renderings of Parker's life submerge the audience in the deepest, darkest waters of the poet's alcohol-drenched psyche.

The film explores the emotional toll of maintaining a refreshing, public face in spite of a life mired in weepy-eyed tragedy. Despite the overall bitter flavor of the film, it pulls off remarkable emotional swings, with some moments that'll make you chortle like a cow tipper. Just like MELVIN.

Amazing Movie Chain: Jennifer Jason Leigh--Poetic Justice--Lloyd Avery II--Boyz N the Hood--Angela Basset--Kindergarten Cop--Arnold Swartzenegger--True Lies--Jamie Lee Curtis--Queen's Logic--Kevin Bacon--A Few Good Men--Jack Nicholson--You Figure It Out--STAR WARS--Obi Wan Kenobi

The Madness of King George

The Samuel Goldwyn Company

In accordance with the lavish costuming, elaborate setting, and dry British humor of most English period pieces, The Madness of King George is as fun as a wet blanket. The film recounts the story of King George III of England who, while suffering from a temporary illness that invokes bouts with insanity, acts like a buffoon. Although eliciting raised eyebrows from prudish Europeans and ridiculing ludicrous 18th century medical practices will sometimes tickle a snicker out of you, the humor is largely aimed at smarty-pants types who define entertainment as being able to laugh at all the appropriate moments of a movie. To the rest of us, satisfied with inferior American educations and B-grade action flicks, The Madness of King George doesn't warrant the seven clams. Long live slap stick, explosions, unnecessary sex and, yes, long live America!

Amazing Movie Chain: Rupert Graves--Damaged--Jeremy Irons--Lion King--James Earl Jones--STAR WARS--Obi Wan Kenobi