The POP Quiz

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Listed below are twelve fashion trends that swept the nation (andconsequently, Europe) after being adopted by a particular celebrity.

Name the actor, sports hero, singer or band that popularized each craze.

Answers will appear after you complete the quiz and submit the form.

Pop Simpleton:

1) One spangled glove:

2) Lingerie worn on the outside of clothing:

3) Sideburns:

Couch Potato:

4) Snazzy white disco threads:

5) Shaved heads on men:

6) Grunge fashion for the masses:


7) Tight-fitting Levi's 501's on men:

8) Designer Jeans on Women:

9) Backwards hats, shirts and jeans:

Celebrity Stalker

10) Go-Go Boots:

11) VW Medallions worn on necklace:

12) Adidas shoes