Hudson Hawk

This movie has been panned, slammed, and destroyed by every two-bit

hack with a typewriter, almost guaranteeing it to be a fun flick to

watch. Even Bruce Willis's egotism is endearing when set within the

film's corny quirkiness. Featuring performances from such under-used

greats as Sandra Bernhardt and Frank Stallone, the movie follows

Italian terrorists and the CIA as they try to force the world's

greatest cat-burglar to steal Leonardo Da Vinci's artwork, which they

need to make a machine that turns lead into gold. Willful suspension

of disbelief becomes a moot question with a plot this ridiculous, but

self-consciously silly stunts and snappy dialogue ("We blow up space

shuttles for breakfast; You would be nothing more than a late-afternoon

triscuit") make it a blast to watch.

Naked Lunch

David Cronenberg's adaptation of the famed William S. Burroughs novel

is one of the few post-beat generation attempts to do credit to the

genre. Confused and surreal, this drug-fueled opus follows the

hallucinations of a junkie through a dream-like web of aliens,

espionage, and delusional paranoia. Peter Weller plays the main role

of Bill Lee, a novelist who becomes convinced that he's a spy

attempting to infiltrate the sinister Interzone, Inc.--a Northern

African nation concerned mainly with the production of exotic

hallucinogens and deranged writers. Most of the other characters are

talking homosexual insect typewriters. Best of all, this flick

guarantees dozens of individual viewings without any danger of really

understanding what in Lord's creation is going on.